Warwick Jacobs - Expedition Artist

Commisioning -

Whether you are looking for a one-off commission, or a large collection of artwork to catalogue

a recent expedition, Warwick has the experience and skills to meet your requirements.


Warwick is happy to discuss any commission or request for artwork, prints or original, at his Hampshire studio, or at London exhibitions.


Please contact him directly, either via the contact form, or by calling him on:







Please also contact us if you are interested in acquiring Warwick's services as an official expedition artist. Warwick has travelled the world many times over, from the Congo to

the Himalayas, cataloguing expeditions, landscapes and wildlife in watercolours, and is

also an experienced trekker, diver, sailer, skier, and hovercraft pilot. He was Raleigh International's official expedition artist for ten years (on ten three-month trips), and has completed hundreds of days at sea on tall ships, as well as diving trips to the Red Sea.

Warwick can provide an unrivalled record of your team's work, for fellow team members

and society archives alike. For more details of Warwick's previous expeditions and work

please visit the Biography page. For a quotation please contact Warwick directly on 07970986251, or alternatively please fill in the contact form.

Expeditions -

   As an Expedition Artist for your project/trip Warwick can:



 * Produce a visual record of the expedition.


 * Work with team members and encourage them to create their own

    visual and creative interpretations of the trip/project.


 * Organise decorative mural paintings on community project sites.


 * Assist with arranging to display the artwork at local or National

    exhibitions and galleries, during or after the expedition.


 * Produce artwork to present to the project sponsors and/or host country.

warwick in nepal